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    Kenya prohibits donkey cutting for meat and skins

    Thanks for the news. I wish it was banned all over the world.
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    Here are the fastest animals in the world

    Brownies are generally touted as gentle and cute. But they only protect their offspring and always pursue food, in fact, they are among quite wild and deadly animals. Despite their size and weight, they can speed up to 56 km per hour. Kangaroos can reach 71 kilometers per hour. The Red Fox...
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    Dog waiting for the red light to cross the street

    A video shot in Istanbul attracted great attention on social media. In the video, it was seen that a dog was waiting for the green light for pedestrians before crossing the street. While the dog was waiting for the green light, people crossed across even though the red light was on. The dog...
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    Football player hugged the phone seeing the dog

    A group of students studying at Artvin Coruh University played football in the garden of the university during their free time, and a dog participating in their games followed the students for minutes to avoid losing the ball they bought. Those who saw the stray dog, who was playing with the...
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    Natural states of animals

    The photographer, who viewed the animals in the Finnish forests in their most natural form, amazed those who saw them. Here are those amazing photos. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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    Havanese Dog Breed and Features

    Historical Havanese dogs began to be used frequently since 1492 after the discovery of the American continent. These dogs, of Cuban origin, have survived to the present day, with their genetics unchanged throughout history, as they live in the isolated environment of Cuba. This breed, which...
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    Ways to Domesticate and Love Ginepig

    A domesticated ginepig appears as an animal that is more enjoyable and fun to eat and love for many reasons. Spending time building a bond with your little pig ensures that you will have a much better relationship throughout the life of the animal. Not only is your guinea pig a better pet, but...
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    Goldador breed dog and its features

    Historical The origins of the Goldador breed are not very old. This breed, which was first produced 15 years ago, was produced by crossbreeding Labrador and Golden dogs. As a result of this process, which was followed with interest by the dog organizations, a very successful result was...
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    Raised Food Containers for Dogs

    Raised food containers are quite popular, but is it really useful for our pets? These days, you can find many different pet food bowls on the market. It may be plain, designer-handed or specially designed slow food containers. The material can also change: glass, wood, metal, plastic, clay...
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    Vietnam Boar Announced as Invasive Species

    Vietnamese boar is an invasive species that should not be ignored. The government in Spain therefore banned having this animal. For many people abroad, the Vietnamese boar turned into a pet, and it became relatively common to see these interesting animals walking at home and even on leashes...
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    York Chocolate Cat and Features

    Historical The York Chocolate breed, which first appeared on a goat farm in 1983, was able to attract the attention of the owner of the farm, Janet Chiefari. Janet soon began researching these newborn cats and helped create a new breed. Chiefari, who started to deal with cat production as a...
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    Which Cat Litter is Better

    If you have a cat or cats, it is most likely that the choice of cat litter is one of the things you pay attention to when buying supplies. Especially if you own a new cat and you are going to have a cat for the first time, you should definitely be wondering which cat litter to use and which cat...
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    How is a cat washed?

    We all know that cats hate the death of water and anything related to water. We are aware of how our cat will disappear in a matter of seconds when it comes to bathing in soapy water. However, no matter how troublesome the cat washing process is, it is a fact that it is a mandatory task to be...