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    Here are the fastest animals in the world

    Health to your feet :D
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    How To Be A Goldfish Aquarium

    If you want to feed goldfish, it is very important that you can create a suitable aquarium environment for them. How and where you position your goldfish aquarium is among the factors that determine how much care and attention the aquarium will require. It should not be forgotten that the same...
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    Kenya prohibits donkey cutting for meat and skins

    In Kenya, where the donkey population is rapidly decreasing, the Ministry of Agriculture has announced that donkey slaughter will be banned in slaughterhouses starting next month. Kenya released the donkey slaughter in 2012 to meet the demand for donkey meat and skin, especially from China...
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    How to Understand Hamster Gender?

    Have you ever wondered whether your hamster is a girl or a boy and have never been able to find a method to solve it? If you love your little furry friend too but do not know which gender it belongs to yet, you will be able to end your troubles with this guide. When it comes to the sex of the...
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    Keep the turtle away from the lanterns

    On the first day you bought your water turtle, is there a plastic bell jar recommended by the petshop employee? It is actually a death fan that leads him to the end of his life rather than a living space for your turtle. These small plastic aquariums, where water turtles are most commonly kept...
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    Dog Food Making and Recipes

    Your dog is part of your family and you are probably ready to do everything for him. It may also be for him to make food from scratch, what do you think? You are in the right place for what you need to know about dog food making and dog food recipes. There are many things you can do to keep...
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    Natural states of animals

    They are very sweet :love:
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    Cat Flu Symptoms and Treatment

    Cat flu can cause a runny nose, old eyes, and an irritated throat, just like the flu in humans. Other symptoms of cat flu include pain in the muscles and joints, sores in the mouth, sniffing, and fever. Cat flu is not a serious disease when it comes to adult cats, but it may require seeing the...
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    Which Cat Litter is Better?

    If you have a cat or cats, it is most likely that the choice of cat litter is one of the things you pay attention to when buying supplies. Especially if you own a new cat and you are going to have a cat for the first time, you should definitely be wondering which cat litter to use and which cat...
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    How to Fly a Pigeon?

    By their very nature, pigeons are birds that should fly or be fly when the right time comes and appropriate conditions are created. Pigeons have the right flying time and technique just like any other animal. How to fly a pigeon and what to consider when flying a pigeon, all in this article...